How to Choose Best Surgeon in India for Cancer Surgery?


Cancers, also known as malignancy, is an atypical abnormal of cells. There are more than one hundred varieties of cancer, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms range relying on the kind. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgical treatment.

Doctors Experience Matters

When you learn you’ve got have cancer, you need to ensure you get the best possible medical care treatment. Choosing your doctor will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. When it comes to cancer care, excellence and expertise are crucially important. Yet Indians receive top-quality care from their doctors only about half of the time. India is the fastest growing sector in oncology and cancer, India has many top class doctors who have contributed their whole lives in serving cancer patients, India is now becoming the base of cancer treatment because the treatment for cancer in India is very cheap and the treatment given is the best with all possible new technologies, India is the country of emotions and the Doctors here treat their patients with all the possible ways.

Best Surgeon in India for Cancer Surgery

Patients Reviews for Doctors

Nowadays, more sufferers than ever use on-line doctors reviews to search for a medical doctor —and that number is only continuing to grow. It can be overwhelming to consider finding a doctor you like, reviewing the info of your diagnosis and previous treatment with a new medical doctor, or getting to know the new office staff. It may take time to create a new relationship with a doctor, but you can take steps to find a new oncologist that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Know About the Doctors and their Specialty

One big issue for patients diagnosed with cancer is whether there is time to research medical doctors and get a second opinion earlier than starting treatment. Finding the right team, one that consists of professionals with whom you are comfortable makes a big difference in how your treatment will progress. Your physicians should be knowledgeable, of course, but they should also welcome questions and be able to explain your treatment options to you in a way you can understand. Remember that while your doctors can make recommendations and provide options, the final decisions regarding your treatment are yours. With good research, you can have confidence in the path you take.

Top 7 Cancer Surgeons in India

1. Dr.Vinod Raina
Dr. Vinod Raina is one of India’s foremost scientific oncologists more than 23 years experience in the discipline of scientific oncology. He performs about 600 transplants for numerous cancers, the largest in India in the last 20 years.

2. Dr. Rahul Bhargava
Dr. Rahul Bhargava in 2016 became the first Indian health practitioner to do and popularize stem cell transplant in a couple of scleroses. He and his team have done 400+ transplants. He is known for his excellent outcome in stem cell transplant especially in haploidentical transplant

3. Dr. Vikas Dua
Dr. Vikas Dua is Paediatric Hemato Oncologist and bone marrow transplant specialist of the generation. His results within the subject of pediatric hematology-oncology and BMT have been some of the best.

4. Dr. P Jagannath
Dr. Jagannath has over 30 years’ experience within the subject of surgical oncology and is the pioneer in hepatobiliary pancreatic surgical operation in India. He also introduced advanced techniques of sphincter conservation and staplers in gastrointestinal surgery.

5. Dr. Manas Kalra
Dr. Manas Kalra is a Consultant in the Department of Paediatric Hemato- Oncology. He specializes in the management of Cancers in Children, adolescent and young adults like leukemias, lymphomas, brain and bone tumors, solid tumors and patient undergoing bone marrow transplant.

6. Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni
Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni is one of the best Oncologists in Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. His area of interest consists of in the development of the latest surgical techniques in Genitourinary and Gynecologic onco-surgical operation.

7. Dr. Jalaj Baxi
Dr. Jalaj Baxi is one of the most reputed names for onco-surgery. He has 21+ years of experience in this field and has been a guide to many of today’s surgeons.

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Fateh Al Mubarak Share His Experience of Transoral Robotic Surgery For Throat Cancer Treatment

To introduce, I am Fateh Al Mubarak, I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I was born and brought up in Dammam. I am lucky to get my Transoral Robotic Surgery for throat cancer in an Indian city liberating me from the dreaded ailment that I once had in my life. Slowly and steadily I came to know that I have throat cancer and I was appalled to hear that but thanks to my doctors who suggested that I can get rid of the same with the effective treatment available in the hospital. Luckily, I was directed to India by my own doctor who knew Indian hospitals to be affordable and par with quality. I was unable to get my treatment done in my own country due to the high cost. Though these hospitals back in my country promised me a high-quality healthcare solution I was unable to get the same.

So, my friend and I started looking for options in my India and were glad to find many that suggested that quality and affordable solutions. This is where I came in touch with a medical tourism portal called India Cancer Surgery Site that helped me to find an affordable health care package for the Transoral Robotic Surgery for throat cancer. I was in a rush to take the treatment as I cannot wait long to do further bargain and also, I found the cost and other factors affordable for me to go with. Hence without wasting any moment, I gave my consent to the medical tourism group and they started working on my case. They helped me to get a medical visa so that I can travel to India. WIth my grim situation, the consulate was quick to offer me the medical visa that helped me to travel to India for my throat cancer treatment.

Transoral Robotic Surgery for throat cancer came as a savior for an Arab Patient

I arrived right on time and was picked by a young man from the group. We first checked in a hotel and relaxed for a while to start with the treatment, which commenced with meeting the doctor. The surgeon explained to me that I have reached the right place and that my ailment was on the right note to get picked up and make me free from it. I was admitted to the hospital to start my treatment. Since it was the advanced treatment option for fixing my cancer called Transoral Robotic Surgery for throat cancer. I started with the surgery and then came to a couple of things in my life that changed everything. Right from getting rid of the cancer cells to doing many more things, I had a wide range of things to deal with and I am glad that I came out from this ailment once for all.

Now, I am free from the menace clean and healthy and with a brief stay after the surgery to recover, I was given my relief from the hospital. As I was discharged from the hospital, getting rid of the ailment once for all, I am glad that I chose this place as I could get the Transoral Robotic Surgery for throat cancer with great care, quality and affordability element. All these elements helped me to get rid of the ailment and I am pleased to get the same. My experience in India was simply awesome as everyone helped me a lot to get rid of the ailment along with giving me the best services that I never expected. My medical tourism group was on the toe to serve me. They got me everything, right from the food, to local travel, to the medical tests and many more things, I was on the right track to get rid of the ailment once for all. I highly recommend Indian hospitals.

Thanking You,
Fateh Al Mubarak
From, Saudi Arab

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Low Cost Mouth Cancer Treatment In India At Top Rated Hospitals

About Mouth cancer

Mouth cancer may occur anywhere in the mouth, the lips, on surface of the tongue, inside cheek, in gums, in the floor and roof of mouth, in tonsils, and in salivary glands. It is a type of head and neck cancer and is often treated similarly to other head and neck cancers. Mouth cancer generally happens after 40 years of age, and risk is 2 times as high in men as women.

Tumors can also develop in glands that produce saliva, tonsils present at the back of the mouth and the part of the throat connecting mouth to windpipe. However, these are not very common.

There are various types of mouth cancer, including the squamous cell carcinoma and the malignant melanoma. If it is detected early, mouth cancer may be treated by surgically removing the cancerous growths or the tumors or by radiation therapy. The dentists are first-line of defense in the early detection, as they are likely the first to spot the pre-cancerous or cancerous lesion. Males are more likely to develop mouth cancer, making it sixth common cancer among males. Drinking alcohol and smoking in excess may increase your risk.

So, if one wants to save the money and the trouble, they should follow a healthy lifestyle and stay away from any form of tobacco.

Low Cost Mouth Cancer Treatment In India At Top Rated Hospitals.png

What is the cost of mouth cancer treatment In India?

The affected tissue is removed with the help of surgery that also includes the use of lasers. The surgical procedure can also include the removal of some affected tissues in the mouth or the lymph nodes in the neck. Removal of the small tumor in the mouth does not result in any kind of problems. While on other hand, removal of the large tumor may require removing a part of the jaw, tongue or palate. All cancer cells may be destroyed if surgery is done followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Cost of treatment of mouth cancer in India is about 3.5 lakh. This may be completely prevented by the simple changes in the life style and regular screening and even the have health benefits that reach beyond cancer. Low cost mouth cancer treatment in India is available in various hospitals present here with highly experienced surgeons.

Success rate of Mouth Cancer Treatment

The success rate for the treatment of mouth cancer is high in fact very high if not spread to the lymph nodes. Approximately 68% percent of the patients survive for five or more years after the diagnosis. Many of such patients may live a relatively normal and long life. Only 25% of the people survive for five or more years after the lymph-nodes become cancerous. In general, 25% of all the mouth cancer cases are deadly. After treatment, there is the risk of recurrence.

Mouth cancer is not the immediate death sentence, but it may be life threatening if not diagnosed and treated early. If mouth cancer is diagnosed in early stages, the rate of survival is about 81%. However, many are found in late stages resulting in the death rate of about 45% at five years of diagnosis.

How to Contact the best hospital 

To contact the best hospital for mouth cancer treatment in India an international patient can contact a medical tourism company and provide them the details of their cancerous problem. The medical tourism professionals will let them know about the best cancer treatment hospitals in India having skilled and experienced doctors and offering affordable treatment. One can get free consultation by consulting doctors online or dropping a query regarding the symptoms and signs of the patient.

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Dr Vikas Dua in India Treating Children With Cancer Worldwide


The outlook for children with cancer has improved dramatically over the past 50 years. Cancer in childhood is uncommon. However this high overall survival rat masks wise variation between exceptional sorts of cancers. Out of 10,000 normal children, one will develop cancer all through their early life. Childhood cancers differ from adults cancers. The causes of most childhood cancers are still unknown, while many adult cancers have been linked to environmental, occupational and life style issues such diet, alcohol and smoking.

Cancers that Develop in Children

The types of cancers that arise most often in children are different from those seen in adults. The most common cancers of children are:

  • Leukemia
  • Brain and spinal cord tumors
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Wilms tumor
  • Lymphoma (including both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin)
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Retinoblastoma
  • Bone cancer (including osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma)

Different types of cancers are rare in kids, however they do happen sometimes. In very uncommon cases, children may additionally even broaden cancers which might be much more common in adults.

Treating Children with Cancer

Treatment for childhood cancers is primarily based specifically on the sort and stage (extent) of the cancer. Types of treatment used for childhood cancer are:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy

Some type of adolescence cancers is probably might be treated with high dose chemotherapy followed via a stem cell transplant. Newer types of treatment, such as targeted therapy drugs and immunotherapy, have also proven promise in treating some childhood cancers. Often more than one type of treatment is used. There are exceptions, however childhood cancers generally respond nicely to chemotherapy due to the fact they have a tendency to be cancers that grow rapidly.

India the perfect destination for affordable cancer care

India has been gaining popularity among Eastern European countries as more increasingly cancer patients are choosing their treatment to be performed there. India provides affordable and state of the art procedures, treatment, and cancer care to patients. India is offering cost effectiveness cancer treatment from accredited facilities at par with developed countries at much lower cost. You can have potential savings up to 90% if you are able to find out the best option. Even if you go for some luxury you can nevertheless save 60% of the total price. India gives world class medical practitioners and hospital facilities for any kind of medical ailment.

Restore you health with Dr Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India

Dr Vikas Dua is Paediatric Hemato Oncologist and bone marrow transplant specialist of the generation. His results in the field of paediatric haematology oncology and BMT have been some of the best. He and his team have done 200+ paediatric transplants. Best pediatric oncologist in India is known for his outstanding outcomes in stem cell transplant especially in paediatric haploidentical transplant and he has done some of the very rare transplants which nobody else has done in India. Dr Vikas best pediatric oncologist in India currently practices as Senior Consultant at Institute Of Blood Disorders And Bone Marrow Transplant, Fortis Hospital. Renowned as one of the most well versed bone marrow transplant specialist and hemato oncologist of this generation, he is known to yield the best treatment results. He has garnered a lot of fame for his success in the matters of hapleodentical transplant in children, which is one of the rarest forms of BMT procedures in India.

How to instantly get in touch with Dr Vikas best pediatric oncologist in India

India cancer surgery service understands the pulse of medical healthcare and understands that patients from across the world need a wider range of treatment and care services. It goes nearly impossible for one to find the best suitable way and this is where India cancer surgery service is up for your help. We understand you, your health and the best health plans for you. We help you to get in touch with Dr Vikas best pediatric oncologist in India, thus helping you get the very best in medical healthcare, always.

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Presenting Nephrectomy Surgery in India

Overview: Nephrectomy

The term Nephrectomy is coined from Latin by combining ‘Nephro = Kidney’ and ‘Ectomy = Removal’. Hence the procedure for the removal of a part or whole of one’s kidney is known as Nephrectomy. The kidney is susceptible to damage from external force or from ailments as well. The progression of some of the disorders can lead to deterioration of the function of the kidney and may sometimes also cause a complete cessation of the kidney’s function. In such cases, the only option left to do is to remove the damaged kidney preventing any further damage that may come with it.

Who is Eligible For Nephrectomy?

There are several reasons that a person may need to undergo a partial or radical nephrectomy. Some of the major reasons that warrant for the surgical removal of the kidney are
• Infection of the kidney(s)
• Congenital abnormalities
• Blood supply problems in the kidney that lead to a higher than normal blood pressure
• Traumatic injury
• Various types of cancers and benign tumors of the kidney
• Damage to the kidney(s) from kidney stones


There are two types of Nephrectomy for a diseased/damaged kidney: Partial and Radical.

In the partial nephrectomy, only the affected section of the kidney is removed leaving the rest of the kidney intact. Partial nephrectomy is also called kidney-sparing (nephron-sparing) surgery as the surgeon usually removes only the damaged portion of the kidney and leaves the healthy part intact.

Radical nephrectomy involves the complete removal of the kidney along with a portion of the ureter (tube leading to the bladder), adrenal gland (a gland situated just above the kidney) and the fatty tissue surrounding the kidney. When the damage is spread to the 2 kidneys, then a bilateral nephrectomy or the removal of both the kidneys is carried out.

nephrectomy treatment In India

Nephrectomy Surgery in India

India is gaining recognition in the world for being the best place to undergo any type of medical procedure. The medical technology is advanced while the costs remain low in comparison to the developed nations. The Nephrectomy hospitals in India are famed for having the most modern equipment and providing world-class service with the best of amenities available. Some of the best hospitals in India for this surgery are

Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon
• Global Hospital, Mumbai
• BLK Super-Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
• HCG Hospital, Bangalore
• Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai

The nephrectomy surgeons in India are also renowned in the world for being the best in their medical disciplines having performed multiple complex procedures in countries like Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany and many more. Some of the more known nephrectomy surgeons in India are

• Dr. Gagan Gautam (M.B.B.S., M.S. – General Surgery, M.Ch. – Urology, D.N.B. – General Surgery, Fellowship in Robotic Uro-Oncologic Surgery)
• Dr. Rana Patir (M.B.B.S., M.S. – General Surgery, M.Ch. – Neurosurgery)
• Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jain (M.B.B.S., D.N.B. – General Surgery)
• Dr. R. Ranga Rao (M.B.B.S., M.D. – Internal Medicine, D.M. – Oncology)
• Dr. Ashish Goel (M.B.B.S., M.S. – General Surgery, D.N.B. – Surgical Oncology)

One can find the best nephrectomy treatment cost in India in comparison to the western nations. The average cost of partial nephrectomy in India with advanced equipment & the best surgeons can be in the range of 40-60% of the price of the same procedures in the developed countries with advanced facilities.

Why Choose Us?

We strive for quality and excellence in the services that we provide for the patients. We are connected with the best surgeons and the top-most hospitals across most of the metropolitan cities in India and help the patient in planning their treatment while keeping their ailment, preference, and budget into consideration. We constantly keep in touch with the patients and their family members to answer any and all of their doubts and concerns regarding the treatment, travel or stay. We provide constant support to patients in procedures like Visa, travel logistics, stay and all throughout the treatment, from the moment you contact us to the moment you reach your home safely.

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Dr. Vikas Dua is Leading The World Treats, Understands and Defeats Childhood Cancer


Cancer in children can occur anywhere in the body, including the blood and lymph node systems, brain and spinal cord, kidneys, and other organs and tissues. Cancers starts off when healthy cells change and grow out of of manage. In most types of cancer, these cells shape a mass known as a tumor. A tumor may be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, which means it could grow and spread to other parts of the body.

How is Pediatric Cancer Different From Adult Cancer?

There are big differences in the types of cancer and in survival rates. In general, early life cancers are more efficiently handled with a larger proportion of children cured compared with adult cancers. This difference is thought to be because childhood cancer is more responsive of therapy and a child can tolerate more intensive theraphy when necessary.

Types Of Childhood Cancers:

Although cancer is then the most deadly disorder of childhood and adolescence years, it strikes nearly 15,500 children a year, as compared to about 1.2 million adults. Nine in ten adult cancers are carcinomas, malignancies that take hold in the cells lining the inner or outer surfaces of organs consisting of the lung, breast, prostate, colon and bladder. Cancers of kids and adolescents belong mainly to four other groups: leukemias, lymphomas, sarcomas, and gliomas.

Dr. Vikas Dua is Leading The World Treats

Dr. Vikas Dua- Translating Discovery In To Cures For Children With Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for a child and their family. But there is cause for hope. Advances by Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India have greatly improved outcomes over the years. He offers the ideal setting, utilizing world-recognized cancer expertise and he is internationally renowned pediatric expertise. His experience provides patients with cutting-edge, compassionate care. From diagnostic evaluation and healing management plans to considerably mental and social help, including a clinic for long-term follow-up of pediatric cancer patients, he attacks cancer from every angle. Dr Vikas Dua is paediatric hemato oncologist and bone marrow transplant specialist of the generation. His results in the field of paediatric haematology oncology and BMT have been some of the best. He and his team have done 200+ paediatric transplants. He is recognised for his outstanding outcome in stem cell transplant specifically in paediatric haploidentical transplant and he has done some of the very rare transplants which nobody else has done in India.

Why India Is Considered As Best Place For Pediatric Cancer Care?

There are many good centers for treating children with cancer in India. Pediatric cancer specialists in India are efficient and updated with the newest technologies and practices. The most advanced technologies and the best pediatric oncologists in India along with the latest equipment such as CyberKnife and genomic-based tests for cancer prevention, the best care and support of the top oncologists in India makes it an international medical travel destination for patients searching for world class cancer treatment at affordable cost. The best pediatric oncology hospitals in India perform organ conservation cancer procedures and stem cell therapy for treating cancer. Approximately, these treatments cost 1/5th to 1/8th of that in the western world. Any medical treatment cost in India is 60-80% low when as compared to the similar treatment that is provided by US and the UK. Best quality Drugs, Medicines and consumables for cancer care is produced in India at one-tenth the cost in evolved nations and is considered the cheapest.

How To Get In Touch With Dr Vikas Dua Famous Pediatric Hemato Oncologist in Delhi?

India cancer surgery service is a medical surgical procedure facilitation company in India that offers a full range of surgical in addition to non-surgical treatment services to International patients combined with post-discharge recuperative holidays in consultation with best pediatric oncologist in India Dr Vikas Dua.

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Top 10 Questions To Ask a Doctor Before Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

The first and foremost reason, why a Gallbladder Surgery is suggested is the formation of hard fragments known as Gall Stones. These fragments can be of the size of a rice grain or can go up to the size of a golf ball. These do not go away on their own. If the Gall stones are causing a considerable amount of pain and discomfort to the patient, then a Gallbladder surgery is endorsed. It is also known as Cholecystectomy. Over 80 percent of those suffering from Gall Stones have suggested this procedure. Gall Bladder Cancer is another reason why this surgery is recommended.

There are two kinds of Gallbladder surgery that are possible. The first one is Open surgery, where the surgeon makes a cut of about 5-7 inches, to remove the Gallbladder. The second kind is referred to as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, also called ‘Keyhole surgery’. In this surgery, the surgeon makes a few small incisions and inserts a thin and flexible tube in the patient’s stomach. This tube has a light and a small video camera attached to it. After this, highly specialized instruments are passed inside to remove the damaged Gallbladder.

Being a highly specialized surgical procedure, there is a requirement of very advanced equipment and instruments. But this is not available in all countries. But India is way ahead of that many other such countries. For any treatment and surgery, India is considered to be a very convenient destination. Similarly, for Gall Bladder Cancer too, there is all the latest form of treatment available in India. Thus, numerous international patients are preferring and receiving gallbladder cancer best treatment in India.

Advantages of gallbladder cancer surgery in india

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Doctor before Gallbladder Cancer Surgery 

Every patient is anxious about the surgery that he or she has been recommended. There are many questions that come to the minds of these patients. More specifically, when it is Gallbladder Surgery, there are some questions that must be on the list, when talking to your doctor or surgeon:

  • What exactly is the surgery that I will be undergoing?
  • If the surgeon is board certified and experienced to perform this surgery?
  • Why is this surgery necessary at my condition?
  •  If not this surgery, then what are the other options?
  • How about if I take a second opinion?
  • What will be the possible outcome of this surgery?
  • How do I ensure to have a smooth surgery?
  • What kind of anesthesia will be used?
  • What are the typical risks related to this surgery?
  • How is the recovery period after this surgery?

What are the Advantages of Gallbladder Surgery in India?

Why is India such highly preferred as a medical tourism destination? There can be many reasons behind this continuously rising fame. The advantages of Gall Bladder Surgery in India include:
• Best hospitals for Gallbladder treatment and surgery in India
• Reputed surgeons to handle such complex surgeries with great confidence
• High success rates
• Cost-effective treatment possible
• Foreign nationals are given utmost attention and care
• Presence of an extremely efficient medical tour planner like India Cancer Surgery Site, which provides the following services:
o With us, a medical tour is a trouble-free process
o The group has a very strong network with internationally reputed hospitals offering Gallbladder Cancer best treatment in India
o We make sure that you are attended by the best professionals of the concerned field
o The treatment cost is lowest with this group
o The doctors and surgeons associated with the group are some of the best in the world
o Taking care of the medical visa requirements, travel and ticket arrangements, accommodation facilities, etc.
o Offer a complimentary second opinion if requested by the patient of the family member
o Keep the family members aware of the patient’s treatment progress
o Taking care of the diet requirements to help the patients recover faster, without any trouble.

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