Where To Get Affordable Price TORS in India For Nepalians?

Overview Of Tors

TransOral robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and using this surgery a patient can leave the hospital the very next day after the surgery or the same day after the surgery depending upon the surgical procedure. This is an easy to opt procedure and so many patients prefer to have TORS (trans Oral robotic surgery). It is best performed in India at affordable cost with the help of India cancer surgery site.

Affordable Price TORS in India For Nepalians

Affordable Price TORS in India

TransOral robotic surgery is very affordable with the help of India cancer surgery site. This minimally invasive surgical procedure is very affordable in India; many patients have been successfully treated for a disease like cancer with the help of this minimally invasive surgery. With the help of this surgery the patient need not to wait for a very long time in the hospital for a recovery.

Which is the best hospital for TORS in India?

1. Fortis Hospital Delhi
It is a multispecialty hospital that deals in all most every type of procedures. It is best known for the medical service that is provided by the medical team in the hospital. It has years of experience in performing treatment and services for many major diseases. It consists of more than 250 general beds, more than 50 ICU beds. This best hospital has performed many successful surgeries and has made its name in the top lists of the medical service.

2. Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai
It is a well known multispecialty hospital that has helped many national and international patients to overcome major diseases like cancer. It is well known for minimally invasive procedures like robotic surgery, laser approaches etc. This big hospital consists of more than 300 beds, and more than 100 ICU and ICCU units. It is well established in a city like Mumbai but provides the best medical service at affordable cost.

Who Is The Best Surgeon For TORS in India?

1. Dr. Mandar Deshpande
Dr. Deshpande is a surgical oncologist who deals in head and neck Oncology. He has completed MBBS, MS, DNB and best assists Robotic surgeries (a minimally invasive surgery). The areas that is controlled by him is head and neck (cancer surgeries), neck surgery using TORS, laser surgery for laryngeal and oral cancer and tumors. Invasive parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomies for benign and malignant cancer.In his clinic he is able to counsel you for your cancer disease; he is able to perform diagnostic procedures like biopsy.

2. Dr. Anshumala Shukla-Kulkarni
Dr. Anshumala Shukla-Kulkarni Gynaecology Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery MD, DGO, FCPS. She has a specialization in performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. She has best served in Singapore and Australia; K.K women’s and children’s hospital Sydney; it was a women’s hospital and also an Endoscopic centre. Dr. Anshumala Shukla-Kulkarni is an expert in performing minimally invasive robotic gynaecologic surgery. Sacrocolpopexy for Vaginal vault prolapsed, Excisional Endometriosis Surgery, Endometriosis and Urinary Incontinence, Robot-assisted surgery for Complex Gynaecological procedures, Pelvic Floor Surgery etc.

Why Nepalians Patients Prefers India For TORS?

Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is performed at an affordable cost in India. Many Nepalian patients prefer India for their surgery or any other medical treatment; because they know India provides the best medical service at affordable cost.

For Consultation Contact India Cancer Surgery Site

Cancer is a wide spread disease; patients who suffer cancer are like fish without water. Their life becomes so difficult that they plead for their own death; at this time India cancer surgery site will help you to get the best cancer treatment at affordable cost. They have tie-up with some of the best hospitals and surgeons who can best treat cancer. These hospitals are updated with all the latest techniques that can help in surgical, radiation, chemo and other available treatment for cancer. They help their patients in every possible way to recover fast. The contribution of India cancer surgery site for their patient is that they help the patient in every possible way to get the best treatment at affordable cost and without any problem. They help the patient with medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. They will even help you to plan your journey back to your home town.

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